Improving services to the community is carried out periodically by various government agencies. But unfortunately, often the efforts made are not in line with what is accepted by the community.


     Some time ago, the National Police released a special service application that can be used by the public. This application is called DORS which is a form of effort that they are doing to serve the community – which is their job.

        The DORS application, which stands for Daily Operation Reporting System, is an application provided to be used as a media/platform for inputting report/complaint data from the public. Interestingly, this application is directly integrated with the server owned by the National Police Headquarters. To maximize the use of this application, the police conduct training which discusses several important matters related to the DORS application, such as how to receive reports of complaints from the public and how to enter/input these reports into the DORS application. It is hoped that this application can assist members of the police in preparing police reports (LP) and also hopes to help expedite the case handling process.